About Us

About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to “RLI” – Reach, Love and Impact people for Jesus Christ!

Vision Statement:
Our Vision is to “RLI” – Reach, Love, and Impact people for Jesus Christ!

Mission Statement:
We will accomplish our Vision through sharing the Good News and Character of Jesus Christ in the Power of the Holy Spirit to:

  • Transform people into Believers (in Christ).
  • Equip Believers to grow and multiply.
  • Build a loving, joyful community of Godly families and friends!

Our: Pleasure, Promise, Passion, Purpose, Pattern, Prospect and Pursuit*

Our Pleasure is:
God! Loving, Worshipping, Honouring, Obeying, Serving & Pleasing our Lord the King in Spirit and in Truth; and with gladness.

Our Promise is:
Integrity! Holiness, Humility, Respect, Accountability, Authenticity, Transparency, Morality, Ethics, Non-Manipulation and Non-control shall be our responsibility, our character and our reputation

Our Passion is:

Souls! Reaching and bringing the unsaved and the un-churched into personal relationship with Jesus; into God’s Kingdom and into fellowship in His Body.

Our Purpose is:

Life! With the Word, Prayer, Love & Care: Inspiring and Transforming lives to enjoy God’s Kingdom benefits and walk in the Kingdom lifestyle; Discipleship (nurture, mature), training, empowering and releasing our people to their prophetic callings and destinies.

Our Pattern is:

Family! Building a multi-cultural community of Godly, Whole, Physically-fit, Forgiving, Loving, Prosperous and Fun families (Exodus 25:9, 40; Hebrew 8:5).

Our Prospect is:

Vibrancy! Worship, services and ministries that are Holy Spirit-led, lively, dynamic (non-boring!); with manifestations/demonstrations of the power of God in signs and wonders to confirm His word; A congregation that is interactive, participatory and optimal in growth and impact.

Our Pursuit is:

Fulfilment! We commit to be faithful in pursuing the fulfillment of God’s vision, mission, mandate and destiny for us; We commit to be faithful in pursuing the fulfilment of our P’s; and to becoming a fulfilled people today and every day by God’s grace, in Jesus’ name. Amen!